Subjunctive Moods

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In Malaysia, a young girl discovers the seeds of friendship turning into love. A ghostly aunt causes more trouble than she’s worth, and a sea-monster yearns for her poolside home. Family secrets confound two widows in Northumberland, and a third turns to the sea for comfort.

The stories in Subjunctive Moods are based around those tiny moments of missed connection and of realisation: the heartbeats by which we all grow up.

Featuring CG Menon’s prize-winning writing alongside her most recent stories, Subjunctive Moods is a collection exploring the complexities of human relationships, cultural identity, and finding your way back home.

Subjunctive Moods is available now from Dahlia Books

About Subjunctive Moods

“CG Menon weaves magic with her poetic language in this collection. The rich and delicately nuanced stories explore the wider perspectives of the world and its inner landscapes.” Susmita Bhattacharya


“In lush, mesmeric prose, Menon drew me into haunted, heady worlds, where spite is met with small insurrections, memory acts to curdle the present, but the ache of life is always eased by its astonishing sensory richness. This collection is a feast.” Zoe Gilbert


“CG Menon’s work is filled with the confidence of a writer assured of who she is, and what she has to say. Her prose glitters with delicate gems. Either singularly or as a whole, these quiet stories expand the parameters of literature by British Asian writers, taking bold and exciting leaps. In these increasingly hopeful times, Menon brings news from an unknown country; the bright, progressive future, where literature’s unafraid of straying from what’s expected, opening its arms to embrace the world.” Courttia Newland


"A short story collection that captivates from the very start, Subjunctive Moods is a spectacular triumph" Mariah Feria for Storgy


"Menon has won a clutch of prizes along the way to this first book; it is not hard to see why" Peter Gordon for Asian Review of Books


"a wryly observed collection of short stories written with formidable elegance" Heather Marks for Words of Colour


"Menon’s writing is poetic, with worlds and emotions understated and beautifully constructed" Jacci Gooding for The Short Story


"Menon draws us into the worlds of her characters with lyrical language and rich descriptions of nature" Farah Ahamed for The Asian Writer

Subjunctive Moods is available now from Dahlia Books

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